sat scores vs. music you listen to


Purl Soho/ 137 Sullivan Street/ New York, NY 10012


Musicthatmakesyoudumb graph by Virgil Griffithmusicthatmakesyoudum2bla1


coming back from taking the GREs earlier this afternoon, i wonder if i can blame my low score on my musical tastes.  if you matched my itunes library to this chart, i should have gotten somewhere along the 1076  – 1236 range. ugh to the beethoven listeners scoring around a 1300. typical. perhaps the classical music nerd stereotype does hold true. though i also wouldn’t put too much weight on the graph finding that country music listeners usually scored lower, and hip-hop or r&b listeners even lower. if anything, those listening to Queen, Outkast and Lil’ Wayne should be to the right in Beethoven area because they are all genius!


One response to “sat scores vs. music you listen to

  1. How intriguing! Random that Beethoven and U2 are so close. It seems like this would be an intersting area for further study.

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