The Deal

so you know these things you always get in the mail?

they come with credit card offers, mail catalog orders, and soliciting nonprofit organizations. consider the envelopes junk mail, spam, or postal refuse, my plan with this blog is to make good use of them. i won’t be applying for credit cards or buying kitchy wind chimes or sending checks, but sending papered goods love in place. people claim to love getting mail, but yet not many actually send substantial letters to each other anymore. i love sending letters, postcards, and packages as much as i can afford to do so, sometimes it doesn’t even matter who the recipient is.

here, with the postage already paid by the corporation/organization, i intend to make more use of the USPS, collecting these envelopes and sending back paper trinkets of whatever i feel like. this is a roundabout way of somewhat reusing and recycling the paper that is already out there. i figure, the postal service system will be able to derive a bit more business, and plus there has to be someone on the other side of these mailings who has to open all the envelopes. perhaps a recipe or a poem will brighten their day, it seems to be a win-win from all sides. i’ll be posting to whom i send the item to, what it is, and why.

-> like any other blog, i hope the concept of this one catches on one day, and we can create a community blog where people can post what they have sent in using the ‘no postage necessary’ envelopes, and why. it’ll become a national phenomenon!


about me: recent Smith College grad (’08!), currently in DC trying to work in reproductive rights/immigration/labor issues,  while riding bikes, mixing drinks, and making art on the weekends. I go by Iris.


3 responses to “The Deal

  1. Okay, this is a swell idea. I will take it up, though I likely will not blog about it

  2. amillionwaystobe

    absolutely brilliant! (and reminds me of a dharma and greg episode where dharma would include poetry with her utilities payments..and put glitter on the outside of envelopes for whoever it was who had the shoddy job of having to open up the mail)

    isn’t it amazing that with all the new fangled machines there are replacing people—its PEOPLE who STILL open mail?!

    (i mean….right?)

    • nopostagerequired

      yes! i’ve actually started rewatching dharma & greg on youtube. sure it may have been too good to be true of a story, but that show had a great charm about it.

      and think when your job is to open all those bills, you should be able to claim papercuts as worker’s comp, right?

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