Smith College Annual Bulb Show


RealSimple/ PO Box 64522/ Tampa, FL 33664-4522


Smith’s Annual Spring Bulb Show to Open with Lecture on the Tulip by Anna Pavord


(having trouble posting video. watch it here.)

my favorite part about Spring at Smith. I know i’m an East Coast girl, i like havingbulbshow20084 4 seasons – but every year, the winter seems longer, and the ground seems to be blanketed in the brown slush for far too many weeks. the bulb show always comes at the perfect time b/c it’s near midterms and it’s been constantly dark and gross outside. daffodils and tulips may seem like just ordinary Home Depot single flowers, but arranged at staggered levels, colors and sizes – the sight and smell is breathtaking. The Botanic Garden does an incredible job every year,  they should have a live webcam up soon. even just to see the flowers through video is inspiring and rejuvenating – spring is soo close, i can feel it. my eczema and allergies are starting to act up. The 2009 Bulb Show opened on March 7, Little Bang Theory has posted stunning shots here.


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