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’til death do us part’ ring

Kate Bauman, £174.00, myflashtrash


scrap bracelet

Repurposed scraps from the moccasin making process. $40. MANIMAL.

new shoes

waited too long of a week for these. i love Keeps. Ellen Page wears Keeps, too.

cowl scarves


maruna & tagua



my new favorite thing this fall/winter has been the cable-knot oversized, wraparound cowl scarf. i love the silhouette it gives, and the texture and the warmth it provides. mostly i love that you pull it over your head, keep it as a hood or let it drop, and however it falls will be soft, warm and beautiful. maruna & tagua of the hemp house, and yokoo have etsy pages replete with gorgeous wraps. and look, while i was procrastinating on this post, i went over to the NYTimes page to find a story about etsy sellers turning their business into their fulltime jobs, the 1st seller is Yokoo (!). but back to the scarves. definitely check out maruna & tagua and yokoo, their products are beautiful, and it may not be too late to order something for the holiday gift-giving. and its never too late to just get something to keep warm post-holidays -> it looks to be a loong, and blustery cold winter.

carved wooden bottle openers


Roost’s Carved Wooden Bottle Openers @ Velocity Art and Design





Meg from Decor-it-yourself has a great Holiday Gift Guide, that also includes how to make your own Holiday Stockings. All the items are totes cute, but these wooden bottle openers caught my eye. I particularly covet the Elephant and Owl, they’re gorgeous, and classy. their immediate purpose isn’t too obvious, and they’ll look good on any bar.



7 Days


Twist #4


i love these rings from molla space, I particularly covet 7 Days and Twist #4 – the smooth industrial design and how by adding a corner, or smoothing out a side, it gives the ring a completely different look and feel. it’s cool to read how the designers thought about how the corners interact with the light and how the person’s experience wearing the ring would perhaps play out. if something that strong, with some presumable weight and sharp corners, was on your finger, there’d be no doubt you’d be well aware of it. but in a good way, it’s modern concrete architecture you can wear on your finger.

i’m back



if i didn’t already wear this sentiment on my sleeve… this t-shirt would be too perfect. two of my new, favorite finds: fredflare and Keep Company – both have sweet items and awesome customer service.

i’m back with a pledge to post more, for real this time, seriously… unless i don’t. then don’t take my word for it. i’ve decided to apply for graduate school in a month. December = GREs & grad school apps. how about this? if i’m not working on my December commitment, i’ll be posting here. DC’s Craft Bartenders Guild is having a 76th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition black-tie party, the pro-choice movement is going to heads in fighting the Stupak amendment, and I’m currently reading The Pivotal Moment edited by Laurie Mazur, I should most definitely have news to write about.