the best office emails, part 2

Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2010 10:15 AM
To: staff local
Subject: Lunch stealer

Would whoever ate my lunch please leave me the $6 I will now need to go out and buy a sandwich for lunch?  And in the future, don’t eat something from the fridge that you didn’t put in there.  Stealing peoples food is completely unacceptable…we are not in kindergarten!  My leftover pizza (pizza seems to be the most popular food to steal from your co-workers) was in the fridge yesterday at 1:00pm and gone this morning so can someone from the hotline please make sure to also forward this message to all of the hotliners who worked from yesterday afternoon through this morning?

You can leave the money or a Red Rocks pepperoni pizza on my desk.  If not, just know that you are stealing money from the pockets of your colleagues.  NICE!

i’d be upset if someone ate my Red Rocks pizza, too.


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