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3rd Annual Heirloom Tomato Festival, Philadelphia PA

Ongoing Activities

Live Music and Seasonal Summer Beverages

Children’s Crafts

Heirloom Tomato Sale Featuring Local Happy Cat Organics

Tomato Swap (bring your favorite Heirlooms and take some of ours)

Schedule of Events

12-12:30P Heirloom Tomato Tasting: Sample a variety of heirloom tomatoes with organic farmer Tim Mountz. Free and open to the public.

12-1P Sunprint Kit Workshop: In this workshop, join local artist Jessica Durrant for a workshop on creating sunprint art. Use natural light to create your own design. Reservations required. $40 per person. Cost includes instruction and all supplies. Click here to register online.

1-1:30P McClure’s Food Tasting: Join us to sample Brooklyn’s best pickles and bloody mary mix. Free and open to the public.

1:30-2P Seed Saving Lesson: A lesson on saving your own heirloom seeds with organic farmer Tim Mountz. Free and open to the public.

2-4P Modern Pantry Canning workshop with Marisa McClellan: oin terrain and Marisa McClellan of the Food in Jars blog for a demonstration and workshop on canning your own heirloom tomato chutney. All will have a chance to participate in making the chutney, and each participant will go home with a filled 8 oz. terrain weck jar. Reservations required. $40 per person. Cost includes instruction and all supplies. Click here to register online.

2-2:30P Cooking with Heirloom Tomatoes: Taste some of the best tomato recipes from terrain’s favorite cookbooks. Free and open to the public.

3-4P Creating a Late Season Harvest Container: In this workshop, join terrain specialist Diane Maguire to plant a late season container vegetable garden.  Select from several varieties of heirloom tomatoes, cool season crops, and herbs to plant in our in vintage pear crates. Reservations required. $15 per person. Cost includes instructions and potting materials. Plants, fruit crates, and containers will be available for purchase. Click here to reserve your space.

3:30-4P Salsa Six Ways: Sample six different salsas made with Black Krim, Brandywine, and Big Boy tomatoes to find your favorite. Free and open to the public.

5:30 – 9:30 P Styer’s Garden Cafe Heirloom Tomatoes Tasting Menu: Enjoy a seasonal heirloom tomato tasting from Executive Chef Keith Rudolf. Five courses for $45. Nine courses for $75. Click here for reservations.

i want to go to there.


ork city neighborhood posters




love these screenprinted city neighborhood posters – they come in pretty colors and other sites including Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Great Lakes, Los Angeles, Manhattan, NYC, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto (soon to come!), and adorably, The Heart. most posters are $22 and will ship via USPS in 1-3 business days.

activism isn’t just for white young anarchists


Glamour/ PO Box 37690/ Boone, IA 50037-2690


Philadelphia Inquirer article written by Jeff Shields – A true melting pot helped spared libraries


ah, an inspiring story for the new year. b/c that’s what new year’s is all about right – starting over, people getting together, hope that this year will be better. this is about a story where mayor nutter, fairly beloved in the city of philadelphia, announced plans to close 11 branch libraries, and how a very diverse group of people came together in aprotesters1 matter of months to organize and demonstrate against such a move. and they were able to win a court-stall of the mayor’s plans. groups of African American block captains, along with white anarchists from West Philly – two groups that normally wouldn’t be seen working together, now mobilizing their communities, getting lawyers and citygroups and everyday people involved to save these libraries. (pictures from a rally to save the libraries held on december 6, and youtube video that the Eagles football team paying their debt back to the city would be enough to save the libraries)

this article talks about how the usual ‘professional’ protesters, those who are anti-establishment, and anti-everything were involved, almost in a ‘of course’ manner. but the strength of this coalition was that other people who may not have been associated with the young anarchists got just as deeply involved. a previously unpolitical 3rd and 4th grade teacher, whose school does not have a library, became a volunteer in the Obama campaign doing all the grassroots heavyduty work of knocking doors and making phone calls. that she felt inspired she was a part of the change got her to become involved in this coalition – a political activist is born. Continue reading

2008: washington didn’t cross the delaware


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Philadelphia News: Winds Prevent Washington from crossing Delaware


in both of their holiday messages, President Bush and President Obama recalled back 200 something years ago when the patriots were losing the war, and General Washington led his troops across the Delaware River on Christmas night, surprised the Hessians and turned the war back into our favor. without that act, America may not even exist today, Obama said “they faced impossible odds” and Bush said “Washington’s legacy lives on our troops serving in Iraq, etc”. throw in some more about fighting for freedom, protecting American ideals, anwashington-crossing-the-delaware1 act of courage – during this political/economic/military climate, washington crossing the delaware seems to be one of the most patriotic things you can do for your country. even before it was a country.

i live in washington crossing, pa. the decision to cross the delaware at night and surprise the hessians was so pivotal and important, it has a ‘town’ named after it. there’s debate about whether it’s ‘washington crossing’, or ‘washington’s crossing’ – it takes up more ink when filling out paperwork. but every christmas around noon, revolutionary war reenactors gather in period garb, along with wooden rowboats. general washington does a grand speech, there are drums and horns, and his men step into the boat and they row the 50 feet across the Delaware River from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. EXCEPT many years they do not make it across, due to snow, windy wind conditions, bitter cold, ice in the water – a number of reasons. and while it’s usually meant in good spirits, hecklers from the crowd will yell “did george washington not cross b/c it was too cold?!?”, “not crossing the river is not what won the revolutionary war!”, “without crossing, america wouldn’t exist!”. haha, it’s the only source of drama this town gets. last year, they barely crossed. the year before that they tried to cross, but got caught in a wind current and the river patrol had to catch their boats. and this year, even with bush and obama drawing attention to the event, they did not cross but walked over the bridge, instead. at least they tried. it could be argued that’s pretty american, in itself. or not american at all.

philadelphia set me right


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Postcard for Tattooed Mom’s in Philadelphia


went up to Philadelphia this weekend for another Smithie-reunion. this was with a different group from my usual, but one of my favorites. i stayed with GS in her beautiful colonial house in the suburbs, just 202427302792_b8f31363573min. outside the city. her mother said i could stay with them, if i ever moved back into the city. i had a particularly difficult week in DC, and was so tempted to give up and move into their cozy home. as soon as the bus landed in philadelphia, it felt friendlier. i know that i can’t expect to have DC to be home right away, but i guess i was hoping for an easier transition into this new city, and new life. 

anyways, a rundown of the weekend with RB, GS, and AHH ” smithies-in-philly-style”:

  • Tattooed Mom’s – favorite new bar on south street. dum-dums on the table, solid drink specials, pierogies, and funly decorated. bartender was an ass, though. 
  • The Expressive Hand – paint your own pottery. i have an adorable hippo and a small transformer robot  being fired in the kiln as i write this. 
  • Shooting Range – yeah, we went from painting our own pottery to giggling while we attempt to shoot the male target in the balls. oh smith lesbians, how i love thee. never shot a gun before, definitely need more practice, but i think i like it….
  • Tamarind Thai Restaurant – vegetable green curry on rice, yum.
  • every sex shop on South Street: condom kingdom, the mood, erogenous zone. slutty halloween costumes everywhere. 
  • Woody’s – right across from my favorite martini bar, Bump. strong drinks, euro techno neon 80s videos everywhere, and men with 8-packs swinging from side to side in brightly colored spandex boyshorts. 

this was just what i needed to rejuvenate my spirit and make me trust in humanity again. seriously. while it is tempting to just pack up and move into philadelphia already, the city gave me a good enough break to give this city of DC an honest chance. i’m going to help paint a community mural, sign up for capoeira classes, and start riding a bike around. i’m going to learn to like this place! at least for the remainder of my lease. and then maybe move back to philadelphia.

Danieal Kelly


Service Center/ PO Box 15114/ Wilmington, DE 19885-5114


MSNBC article “Reports detail Philly teen’s horrific death”


the story of 14-year-old Danieal Kelly has shocked Philadelphia, and brought down one of its most important, but also troubled institutions, the Department of Human Services. Danieal was found dead in a ‘fetid, airless’ room severely malnourished and covered in bedsores so deep and old that they started to attract maggots. cerebral palsy limited her actions, and she was dependent upon several caretakers: her parents, and DHS.

however, it was a combination of ambivalence, embarassment, bureaucracy and apathy that killed her. Continue reading

cops stealing from cops


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Philadelphia Inquirer “Two charged with looting Bucks FOP” article by Kristin E. Holmes 


another case for why people do not trust labor unions in America.  while most work hard to properly represent workers from all sorts of trades, blue-collar, or service sector, even college professors and graduate students, getting them the proper benefits, contracts, and pay wages, it is the stories of stealing, deceit and trickery that get headlines. the union men and women that i’ve met in my very brief 1-2 year experience in the labor movement are the hardest working, family-oriented, salt-of-the-earth, good-natured American gritty, honest and kind people around.

it is unfortunate that the American labor movement has become entangled with politics, bureaucracy and corruption in recent years. given its long and, at times, questionable history (mob? communists?) in the country, perhaps it’s almost understandable or logical that people are generally skeptical of how much unions actually do accomplish to benefit the American worker.  

but it’s stories like this that set the whole movement back a couple of steps and add to the negativity that unions are corrupt and ineffective. to steal more than $93,000 from the members and the fund that you were trusted to protect and take care of, for your own personal finances is wrong, despicable and immoral. i don’t like to mix morals with politics and public life, but there are definitely things that almost everyone, living in this society, can agree to be wrong. the fact that union cops took money out of the account used for charitable causes, including a fund for their fellow, slain officers just adds injury to insult. stuff like this is why people generally do not trust the po-pos, the two caught and charged with stealing, they are hurting the cause of what they are supposed to stand for –  they should be reputable and trustworthy as union leaders and police officers.