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3rd Annual Heirloom Tomato Festival, Philadelphia PA

Ongoing Activities

Live Music and Seasonal Summer Beverages

Children’s Crafts

Heirloom Tomato Sale Featuring Local Happy Cat Organics

Tomato Swap (bring your favorite Heirlooms and take some of ours)

Schedule of Events

12-12:30P Heirloom Tomato Tasting: Sample a variety of heirloom tomatoes with organic farmer Tim Mountz. Free and open to the public.

12-1P Sunprint Kit Workshop: In this workshop, join local artist Jessica Durrant for a workshop on creating sunprint art. Use natural light to create your own design. Reservations required. $40 per person. Cost includes instruction and all supplies. Click here to register online.

1-1:30P McClure’s Food Tasting: Join us to sample Brooklyn’s best pickles and bloody mary mix. Free and open to the public.

1:30-2P Seed Saving Lesson: A lesson on saving your own heirloom seeds with organic farmer Tim Mountz. Free and open to the public.

2-4P Modern Pantry Canning workshop with Marisa McClellan: oin terrain and Marisa McClellan of the Food in Jars blog for a demonstration and workshop on canning your own heirloom tomato chutney. All will have a chance to participate in making the chutney, and each participant will go home with a filled 8 oz. terrain weck jar. Reservations required. $40 per person. Cost includes instruction and all supplies. Click here to register online.

2-2:30P Cooking with Heirloom Tomatoes: Taste some of the best tomato recipes from terrain’s favorite cookbooks. Free and open to the public.

3-4P Creating a Late Season Harvest Container: In this workshop, join terrain specialist Diane Maguire to plant a late season container vegetable garden.  Select from several varieties of heirloom tomatoes, cool season crops, and herbs to plant in our in vintage pear crates. Reservations required. $15 per person. Cost includes instructions and potting materials. Plants, fruit crates, and containers will be available for purchase. Click here to reserve your space.

3:30-4P Salsa Six Ways: Sample six different salsas made with Black Krim, Brandywine, and Big Boy tomatoes to find your favorite. Free and open to the public.

5:30 – 9:30 P Styer’s Garden Cafe Heirloom Tomatoes Tasting Menu: Enjoy a seasonal heirloom tomato tasting from Executive Chef Keith Rudolf. Five courses for $45. Nine courses for $75. Click here for reservations.

i want to go to there.


how to make kimchee



I love that while Cool Hunting’s work often shows the more modern and flashier designers, or artists, here they pay homage to tradition and the craftsmanship of making kimchee. i am curious to see how big or small Yu Um Chon’s kitchen is, and how she keeps the smell under control  i’d also like to hear about how and why she decided to use Extra as a sweetener instead of regular sugar.  this video makes me quite happy because it demonstrates the long-standing tradition and artisanship in making kimchee, and also makes the food look ridiculously good.

Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters


Found on


Happy Valentine’s Day!

The United States of McDonald’s



driving down a seemingly barren highway suddenly interrupted by big box stores, Stephen Von Worley felt inspired to ‘gauge the creep of cookie-cutter commercialism‘. mapping out McDonalds locations across the United States with the nifty data tool,, he came up with this. notice how the McDonalds hug the coasts and borders of the US to form essentially what is a map of the US. the United States of America? or the United States of McDonalds? Hmm…  The farthest isolated spot in the 48 states from a McD’s is between the tiny Dakotan hamlets of Meadow and Glad Valley: 107 miles away, 145 miles by car. I wonder what mapping the McDonalds across the globe would turn out.

B2 reunion in Colorado

just came back from a long weekend in Winter Park, Colorado.

Jen and I went to visit our rockstar culinary Shana who’s cooking in kitchens and snowboarding every chance she gets. [photos by JH]


we went for her 23rd birthday


along the way, we fought off nature,bonfire

warmed ourselves by a bonfire,


attempted to bake,

french braid

and french-braid,


but mostly caught up on sleep.Indy, the cutest dog ever, joined us one ridiculously lazy afternoon


but quickly resume drinking.

dollar shots

one great thing about winter park, CO: $1 shots

shana's boobs

there are perhaps too many pictures of these, i claim the right one, jen has the left


it was a good time had by all.

Colorado was beautiful, it was nice to go someplace where everyone knew everybody, food was delicious (homemae bagels, which you can’t even get in DC!), drinks were cheap and people just hung out to chill and have a good time. it was a most relaxing, gluttonous and fun reunion. i really like how much we’ve stayed in touch, and made an effort to see each other after graduation, despite all of us living in different places of the country and the world. these are the girls i’m hoping to open the B2 bakery/bar with – Shana in the kitchen, Jen having designed the space, and me being the bar, of course.

Peeps Show III


Postage Due Unit/ US Postal Service/ PO Box 9998/ Austin, TX 78798-9998


Washington Post: Peeps Show III


peep dioramas – people are just so creative. the winner: Hopper inspired ‘NightPeeps’ is so good, especially when you hear the story about how it was created. some of my other favorites include ‘Mrs. Peepcock, In thepeep_081Conservatory, With the Revolver’, ‘R-E-S-PEEP-ECT’, ‘Purple Tunnel of Peeps’, ‘Peeptown Cupcake’, ‘Steve Jobs Presents IPeep Nano’, and ‘Sweet Revenge’. Finally, Peeps have more of a purpose than just to be stretched out and blown up in a microwave. those 3 dots on their face give them such a humanistic quality, i wish real humans came in purple, pink, yellow and blue – our art would (perhaps?) be more endearing and colorful.  in the pagan, consumerist American sense of the holiday word -> Happy Easter!

spinach & butternut squash lasagna


Creative Home Arts Club/New Member Processing Center/P.O. Box 3449/Hopkins, MN 55343-4711


Cooking Light‘s Spinach & Butternut Squash Lasagna taken from Our Kitchen Sink


whenever i get hungry and it’s not even close to a proper mealtime, i indulge in Tastespotting. it’s basically food porn to me. i like that it’s one of the more aesthetically pleasing blog aggregators, as food bloggers are known for taking pretty and professional-looking pictures of whatever they are making. as the heat in my apartment is still broken, and it’s been below 45 degrees this whole week, i saw this spinach & butternut squash lasagna recipe and forwarded it to my roommates as a possible weekend meal. we could buy spinach & a butternut squash from the farmer’s market sunday morning and fashion this lasagna that very night.


my friend, DDW, came over, and was instrumental in the butternut & spinach prep. JE made an amazing white beshamel sauce. MB helped with the noodles and creating the layers. while it was over a 2 hr undertaking, it made the whole apartment smell amazing and warmer. finally we sat down to eat around 8, and apart from the “OHMYGAWD, this is amazing”, the 4 of us chowed down in complete silence and inhaled the entire pan of lasagna in about 30 minutes. so yummy. definitely a recipe that will be made again. JE suggested it to his mother to make for thanksgiving.  even that seems like much too long of a time from now…. boo not having leftovers b/c i’d like another serving of this tonight.