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scrap bracelet

Repurposed scraps from the moccasin making process. $40. MANIMAL.


the walkmen – on the water



haunting, foreboding, gorgeous.

Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters


Found on


Happy Valentine’s Day!

pantone mug


solid mugs in solid colors. it’d be difficult to choose, but i think i’m turquoise 3272 C. popdeluxe sells them cheaper here, design warehouse just has a better layout of what the mugs actually look like.

iceberg series by david burdeny



i’ve been stuck inside my apt during the snowpocalypse of 2010. there must be about 2 feet of snow outside, very little sign of life on the roads right now. with that, instead of working on graduate school applications, i’m going to read, eat junk food, watch movies about the caribbean, and try to stave off cabin fever. i should be looking at pictures taken in warm climates right now, but this series is so stunning, i’ve got to post it up.

This new series, Icebergs begins to explore what are currently the most geopolitical and geographically sensitive shorelines on earth.

Formally different than my previous work, but motivated by similar principals, these images attempt to encapsulate both the otherworldliness and the vital reality of the northern seas and oceans. I was drawn to the fragility and grace of the frozen landscape. For me, the work is both a celebration of nature’s survival and an elegy.

The majority of the images were made using a gyro stabilized medium format and a panoramic 6×17 handheld camera from the side of small open boats and large ice strengthened ship. Several were made from shore with a tripodmounted camera. Originally conceived of as a black and white monochrome project with the images shot in Greenland 2007, the unique and surreal color palate of these extreme latitudes compelled the addition of colour. It is a hint of what Norwegian Arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen was alluding to when he wrote:

“Nothing is more wonderfully beautiful can exist than the arctic night. It is a dreamland, painted in the imagination’s most delicate tints: its colour etherealized. One shade melts into the other, so that you cannot tell where one ends and the other meets, and yet they are all there.”

David Burdeny is doing amazing work. I admire his dedication, and his reasoning for capturing the images he does. his Sacred and Secular, along with Europe series posted on his website are gorgeous.

carved wooden bottle openers


Roost’s Carved Wooden Bottle Openers @ Velocity Art and Design





Meg from Decor-it-yourself has a great Holiday Gift Guide, that also includes how to make your own Holiday Stockings. All the items are totes cute, but these wooden bottle openers caught my eye. I particularly covet the Elephant and Owl, they’re gorgeous, and classy. their immediate purpose isn’t too obvious, and they’ll look good on any bar.



7 Days


Twist #4


i love these rings from molla space, I particularly covet 7 Days and Twist #4 – the smooth industrial design and how by adding a corner, or smoothing out a side, it gives the ring a completely different look and feel. it’s cool to read how the designers thought about how the corners interact with the light and how the person’s experience wearing the ring would perhaps play out. if something that strong, with some presumable weight and sharp corners, was on your finger, there’d be no doubt you’d be well aware of it. but in a good way, it’s modern concrete architecture you can wear on your finger.