Google gets bike-friendly


Chicago Tribune’s Google gets bike-friendly


finally! i hope DC is one of the 149 cities to be getting this new Google feature. i use google maps to get an idea of where something is, but less for actually getting there. the routes listed for cars follow the road traffic of one-way streets, and roundabouts. i’ve found it more helpful to click on the ‘walking’ directions b/c i can [somewhat illegally, or maybe totally illegally but people still do it] use sidewalks, or go around one-way streets. i haven’t been able to find a website with bike directions for DC -> if anyone has recommendations, please post in the comments. i can’t wait to start testing out this feature, with the capacity that Google can achieve, this should be incredibly useful.

One response to “Google gets bike-friendly

  1. I use:


    Google’s bike directions aren’t so great yet, and they’re missing a lot of the bike lane data for DC.

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