California experiencing increase in maternal mortality rates


California Watch’s More women dying from pregnancy complications; state holds on to report


this is some surprising and alarming news coming out of california. i was surprised to read about the loose record-keeping california has been doing of women experiencingcomplications, and dying from childbirth.  it seems a bit sensationalist to write “mortality numbers in california are higher than those in kuwait or bosnia”, but it does bring to attention that this shouldn’t be the case at all. while the california healthcare system is overworked and underfunded, it should also be better simply because of where and what it is.

the biggest issue of this report is what the prevalence of c-sections is having on the health of delivering moms. Perhaps its a sign that we can try to schedule everything, hair appointments or… when to have a baby, but at a certain point, nature will fight back.  i was surprised that they were keeping track of how many women were being affected by childbirth complications, but not why. This report deserves more attention, and hopefully will make other states look into their own statistics. When doctors start figuring out “the why” behind these mortality numbers, that can be a significant contribution to the need for America to overhaul our healthcare system. Because women are dying giving birth, in a ”first-world’, developed, industrial country’. We will be able to claim to be at the forefront of healthcare when we have the numbers of healthy people to back it up.


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