plans for immigration reform in 2010


Philadelphia Inquirer’s Plans to press ahead on immigration


i’m still in a bit of shock at how the campaign for healthcare reform has turned out. I knew there was going to be a fight, but I thought eventually it would get passed and then… I would feel a lot safer riding around on my bike.

Back in November, I saw Secretary Napolitano speak at the Center for American Progress, and she told a very full crowd of press and policywonks that the White House is beginning to lay the groundwork for immigration reform in 2010.

senator mccain will be a pivotal figure in the reform process. as the healthcare fight has demonstrated, the dems need several allies in the republican party for any sort of progress or discussion to occur. its frustrating that these issues of immigration and healthcare just become a platform for fighting over party politics. they affect the daily lives of so many people living in America, their ability to access healthcare, their ability to work and receive educations, but when the leading government takes over it in attempts to make it run better, these issues become tangled in politics and compromise. temporary guest worker programs are going to have to be brought up. organized labor has already come to say these programs are going to just further complicate the case of visas and citizenship.

its certainly going to become more difficult to bring up as the year goes on. it’s unfortunate that no matter how much more important and bigger of issues healthcare and immigration are than politics, getting new reform passed ultimately comes back down to fighting over politics.  the push to reform healthcare should have been smoother because so many Americans do not have coverage, and it is an issue that surpasses race, class, and geography. immigration is openly about class, race, jobs, education, and the economy. the more i write and think about the need for immigration reform, the more i realize i need to be doing more than just writing and thinking about it. back to the job search as soon as i post this.


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