cowl scarves


maruna & tagua



my new favorite thing this fall/winter has been the cable-knot oversized, wraparound cowl scarf. i love the silhouette it gives, and the texture and the warmth it provides. mostly i love that you pull it over your head, keep it as a hood or let it drop, and however it falls will be soft, warm and beautiful. maruna & tagua of the hemp house, and yokoo have etsy pages replete with gorgeous wraps. and look, while i was procrastinating on this post, i went over to the NYTimes page to find a story about etsy sellers turning their business into their fulltime jobs, the 1st seller is Yokoo (!). but back to the scarves. definitely check out maruna & tagua and yokoo, their products are beautiful, and it may not be too late to order something for the holiday gift-giving. and its never too late to just get something to keep warm post-holidays -> it looks to be a loong, and blustery cold winter.


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