coffee will not undrunk-ify


BBCNews: Drinking coffee ‘will not sober you up’ when drunk


as an aspiring bartender, I realize i need to know as much as I can about alcohol andspirits, but also about how to deal with the side effects these wonderful, tasty liquids can also produce. we often get requests for coffee around ‘Last Call” at the bar. but we only serve a french press coffee, and the grinder is in the kitchen that has usually already been cleaned and stored away for the night… but i get the loose connection that caffeine will wake you up and not feel as drunk, however that’s quite a dangerous way of thinking, especially if you’re about to get into a car to drive home to arlington or silver spring. even with all the  campaigning and sobering statistics, I’m still amazed that so many people drive intoxicated.

The last line of the BBC article may be the best summary: “The bottom line is that, despite the appeal of being able to stay up all night and drink, all evidence points to serious risks associated with caffeine-alcohol combinations.” but as with many of these studies that contradict each other, MSNBC reports that drinking coffee may help reduce the risk of getting cirrhosis, a scarring of the liver due to excessive drinking. if we combined the findings of these 2 studies, the conclusion would be – yes, you should drink coffee, but not when you are drunk to sober you up. but if you do become drunk a lot, a good way to stave off the bad alcohol effects is to drink coffee. you shouldn’t combine them, but it is advised to use them in conjunction… i have no idea where espresso martinis fit into this.


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