i’m back



if i didn’t already wear this sentiment on my sleeve… this t-shirt would be too perfect. two of my new, favorite finds: fredflare and Keep Company – both have sweet items and awesome customer service.

i’m back with a pledge to post more, for real this time, seriously… unless i don’t. then don’t take my word for it. i’ve decided to apply for graduate school in a month. December = GREs & grad school apps. how about this? if i’m not working on my December commitment, i’ll be posting here. DC’s Craft Bartenders Guild is having a 76th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition black-tie party, the pro-choice movement is going to heads in fighting the Stupak amendment, and I’m currently reading The Pivotal Moment edited by Laurie Mazur, I should most definitely have news to write about.


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