Mountain Day!

sent:mt. day

[sadly, this isn’t from mountain day, but a trip the B2 girls & company made out to vermont for Fall Break our senior year. in a similar way to Mt. Day, there was lots of bonfires, apple-picking, sheep-shearing, and maple syrup eating and canoeing to be had]


Happy Mountain Day! i still remember my first year of college, when the bells rang at 7AM, and my neighbor, NaLee – who i love – ran around the halls, banging on everyone’s door and signing her “it’s Mountain Day” song.  i have no doubts she was adorable doing her little dance, but my roommate, Lizz, and I wanted to kill her but  were too tired to actually get up and do so. during my time at Smith, i was always swamped with work, and suffering from sleep deprivation that i didn’t actually do much on the days of Mountain Day. but now that i’ve been out for almost 2 years, I miss having Mountain Day. Just over the weekend, I was thinking of how good some apple cider & cider donuts would taste right now. there’s talks of a trip into Maryland for some apple picking this weekend. this is probably going to be the closest and best opportunity for me to pretend that i’m still in school, and idyllic New England.


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