stretch shelf by Pete Oyler




The design blogs (Lost in a Supermarket, Minimalismi, Curated + many more) were all over this Stretch Shelf, even Urban Outfitters. I like it b/c it’s functional, has an element of DIY, and totally fits into the “why didn’t i think of that?!??” category. made of cast rubber and machined aluminum, the shelf is essentially like having a giant rubber band that sturdy enough to hold and fit oddly shaped items on the wall in a connect-the-dots type of fashion. living in a cramped rowhouse, i’m begining to realize how useful storing upwards on the wall is, this would be perfect for spaces in the hallway or my room. one blog posed the question of what happens when the rubber dries out and it cracks, I’m hoping the shelving kit comes with some sort of sealing solution to prevent this. design schools are supposed to teach design, but also practicality and sustainability, right?

Oyler is a RISD graduate, you can check out more of his work here.

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