B2 reunion in Colorado

just came back from a long weekend in Winter Park, Colorado.

Jen and I went to visit our rockstar culinary Shana who’s cooking in kitchens and snowboarding every chance she gets. [photos by JH]


we went for her 23rd birthday


along the way, we fought off nature,bonfire

warmed ourselves by a bonfire,


attempted to bake,

french braid

and french-braid,


but mostly caught up on sleep.Indy, the cutest dog ever, joined us one ridiculously lazy afternoon


but quickly resume drinking.

dollar shots

one great thing about winter park, CO: $1 shots

shana's boobs

there are perhaps too many pictures of these, i claim the right one, jen has the left


it was a good time had by all.

Colorado was beautiful, it was nice to go someplace where everyone knew everybody, food was delicious (homemae bagels, which you can’t even get in DC!), drinks were cheap and people just hung out to chill and have a good time. it was a most relaxing, gluttonous and fun reunion. i really like how much we’ve stayed in touch, and made an effort to see each other after graduation, despite all of us living in different places of the country and the world. these are the girls i’m hoping to open the B2 bakery/bar with – Shana in the kitchen, Jen having designed the space, and me being the bar, of course.


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