Anvil’s 100 List: Cocktails To Try Before You Die


Anvil’s Bar and Refuge 100 List

100 cocktailsreasoning:

100 Places to go before you die, 100 drinks to try before you die -> what is it with humans needs to list and compartmentalize everything?!?! that and our obsession/fear with dying. and also large numbers easily divisible by 5: 100, 25, 75, etc. Perhaps even more than the Imbibers100, this is a list I can get behind, or make it my next year’s mission to get behind. I remember reading about a blog where the writer simply stated she kept a blog b/c it was a place to keep things interesting to her, instead of on a piece of paper where it could be lost and wasteful.  i like this list because it’ll be a great reference for my current ‘cocktail apprenticeship’.

I’m intrigued by Anvil, the design of the list is great, and i love that they’ll provide you with a card to get stamped after you try each one. just reading up on the comments in the Houston Press food blog, it seems to be a cocktail nerd’s wet dream, but then equivocally pretentious to everyone else. i’ll admit, if you can’t already tell, that i fall into the former category. Perhaps i’ll reconsider University of Texas Public Health program because of its Houston location, if anything, it’s at least worth a visit now.


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