{today i love…}


allow me to introduce uh… myself. i’m iris, i’ve been writing on nopostagerequired for about a year and a half now. i’m currently living in DC – trying to work in reproductive health and immigration, or quitting all that to bartend, trying to meet new people but not get my heart broken, and trying to find my place in the city while also looking to leave it. right now, life seems to be one extreme or the other.


{today i love…}

french press coffee with milk

stealing ice cream from the Room 11 freezer afterhours

old fashioned glasses

the smell of honeysuckle

discovering new music on myspace: maps and atlases

scruffy kisses on my face

design blogs: Oh Joy!, The Dieline

the courtyard between the American Art Museum & the Portrait Gallery

nighttime bike rides through the city with friends

aviator sunglasses

NYTimes Weddings section

citrus zesters


taken from inspiration of olivia rae’s series: {today i love…} and rockstar diaries’ taza-and-husband’s 15 things that make taza terribly happy. these are beautiful blogs with happy, warm, and hopeful posts. i’d like to emulate them and create a blog, and a life, just as bright.

One response to “{today i love…}

  1. aww! so happy you made a today i love list…

    french press coffee sounds perfect right now…

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