temper trap – sweet disposition



i’ve had this song on repeat ever since i saw the movie 500 Days of Summer. i believe it was the music of the opening credits, and as soon as I heard it, i knew i was going to like the movie.  part of the reason i love semi-dramatic films, tv shows, reality shows (Laguna Beach, The Hills) is because they have soundtracks. whenever you’re just having an awful time, and you’re walking through your office or on the street with this numb feeling, i’ve always wanted some ‘nobody understands me’ song  start playing. on Laguna Beach, whenever a revelation is revealed of someone getting dropped or screwed over, a song of ‘why does life hurt? why don’t people think of me” begins, and i LOVE that. short of me carrying around a boombox with an unlimited music selection, or suddenly breaking into song, it’d be wonderful and comforting and not creepy at all to have a sympathetic, understanding song begin playing. perhaps this is why people get iPods. i’m not a big fan of earplugs though – i don’t want to constantly be plugged in for when a ‘bad’ moment arises for me to say ‘oh, sweet disposition by temper trap would be great right now!’ but i digress. add this to the soundtrack of my life/songs for moments that make me want to become better than myself


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