Zoey: Lost and Found


Washington Post: Search Underway for Missing Police Dog Zoey, followed by Missing Pr. George’s Police Dog Zoey Is Found


Aww Zoey! yeah it’s ironic that zoey was a search & rescue dog, and when she slipped out of her collar and ran away, Prince George police had to conduct their veryzoey own “search and rescue” for her. if alanis morrisette’s “ironic” really had lyrics with such straight irony, zoey’s story would make for a good line. i wonder what she was doing those 6 days she was ‘on the run’ –  working on her continued escape plan, foraging for berries and small squirrels to eat? perhaps she was ‘missing’ for so long b/c she is a search & rescue dog, so she knows how not to be found. maybe she felt trapped and did not want to escape from the police life -> where is PETA when you need them to take on a good kidnapping case?  or perhaps Zoey wasn’t thinking any of this at all b/c she’s just a dog, a wild animal. my friend AHH once had her beloved dog, Razor, slip out of his collar and run away, she recounts the time as being absolutely scary. luckily and happily, Razor and Zoey are back safe. onward to more days of sniffing and running around.

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