Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jimmy Bedford passes away


NY Times: Jimmy Bedford, Guardian of Jack Daniel’s, Dies at 69


 despite my aspirations to become a full-fledged bartender, i still have trouble ordering drinks. i never know what to get – what drinks are  common knowledge (a manhattan), and which are specialty (a negroni). when i first started drinking, it didn’t take long for me to get over vodka. bedfordafter a couple of shots of it in some college dorm room, i was done. i understand the appeal in making a drink alcoholic without tasting the alcohol: after some rough whiskey or goldschlager stints, i distinctly remember ordering cosmos for a week straight, plus sometimes you just need to drink out of a martini/cocktail (so you feel like you’re drinking alcohol, so you feel like you’re an adult -> probably a combination of both).

after i decided i was ‘too cool’ for vodka, i turned towards other spirits. i like alcohol that you can actually taste. perhaps Lil said it best in coyote ugly when a bar patron asked, “So, basically you have…?”, she responded with “, Jack, Johnny Red, Johnny Black, and Jose; all my favorite men. You can have it any way you like it, as long as it’s in a shot glass.” <- a woman after my own heart. but a bar that only serves alcohol in shot glasses and no water is another story, not to mention completely unrealistic – somehow hollywood had to exaggerate and glamorize the world of bars, drinking and beautiful women drinking & dancing on bars.  i’m becoming a bourbon conoisseur. in my mixed drinks wardrobe, jack and cokes have been a dependable, and comforting favorite.   jack daniel’s may evoke frat parties and witty logo t-shirts, but i attribute the bourbon as one of the first to get me interested in the world of spirits. i have a deep admiration for spirit distillers. a toast to Jimmy Bedford: Thank you, sir, for making Jack look and taste the way it does.


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