Smithie lifts over 110G from NY millionaire


New York Post “Banker Beauty in ‘Inside Job’


ouch. what can i say? smithies > we work hard and party hard, too? this picture on the NY Post page is very smithie: cute, she loves to bake, but she can steal yourrobin_katz1money or balls right from under you, and is ruthless in her reasonings why. BUT i must say that robin katz isn’t representative of most smithies once in the real world? i think robin katz’s behavior isn’t representative of what most people once in the real world. thievery of this expensive proportions is almost always tied to compulsive lying > the first excuse is ‘i need to pay my bills”. lifting over 110G from an account to pay your bills speaks to the ridiculous cost of your bills.  while excessive debt can be for student loans, bankruptcy, or a bad business deal, more often it’s that you are spending beyond your means towards luxury. we can get so greedy and feel impervious when we are so young. it sucks she’ll be going from glam NY-investment banker life to jail and fines very soon. thanks to TSC for the story.

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