How to Create a Calder Mobile



WikiHow’s How to Create a Calder Mobile


guess which is the joint effort attempt of DF and me at a mobile, and which one is the calder.

where did we go wrong?DF mobile

  • we failed to make it viewable from all sides -> probably the very first rule of mobiles
  • the painting of a bird that turned into an abstract peacock/upside-down rainbow, along with the happy meal hello kitty watch dangling below it pale in complexity, and stability to the calder standard

i need a couple more visits to the Hirshhorn for further inspiration, but the more i look at our ‘work of art’, the more i see the potential to add more on to it and make it a more LEGIT mobile.  hopefully this creative crafting itch is here to stay, i need something new to keep me occupied.


One response to “How to Create a Calder Mobile

  1. Above-board!
    Honourable for you dear!

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