kenyan women institute sex ban


BBC article: Kenyan women hit men with sex ban



looking at the last two post and now this, i’ve got sex on the mind. come to think of it, i wouldn’t mind devoting this entire blog to sex – the culture, how to, how not to, my lack of it, etc. but this post has more to do with than just sex… or actually i guess it doesn’t. if anything, the women’s activist groups are more hoping the kenyan unity party government will stop fighting under the subtext that ‘they did it all for the nookie’ (oh, limp bizkit – how pop culturally relevant you are). at first, i thought this ban was an interesting move in demonstrating the power women can possess over men, like that phrase “behind every good man is a woman” – i think that talks specifically about men in power, whether it be business or government.

wouldn’t it be great if the government infighting really did stop after the week-long sex ban, especially if the wives of the PM and President join in. but wait – what’s to stop these men from just getting their need for ass somewhere else? a politician sleeping around with people other than their spouses is nothing new. the women’s activist groups say they will pay prostitutes to abide by the ban, as well. but surely there are more women in kenya that aren’t the wives of politicians or prostitutes that might still be intrigued and willing to sleep with a married government man.

Jimi Izrael of The Root brings up a good point that this ban may have ‘women’s empowerment’ written on it, we’re almost going backwards to tarzan/neanderthal thinking that men are ruled by their penises. Does one withholding sex really motivate the partner to get their shit together? kelly moore argues it has the opposite effect and can be more damaging in the long-run, perhaps that’s why this ban is only supposed to last a week. but sex is one of the enjoyable parts of being a human being, can we really say we are above physically needing it because we are now ‘sophisticated’, ‘advanced’, and ‘developed’ people with better things to do?


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