having sex on earth day



instead of just recycling or planting a tree this Earth Day, think about not having sex. because that pleasurable act of human nature can lead to babies, and there are already too damn many of us. <- this type of rhetoric drives me insane. yes there are lots of problems here, compounded by the fact that most are human-created, so let’s not add more to the mix. but too often this rhetoric falls into the territory of “it’s the poor people – they shouldn’t procreate, they are causing all the damage”.  birth control has a double-edged sword – it can be liberating and (i hate to use it but…) oppressing. but moreover, the concept of birth is about access – to the physical pills themselves, to the information about the different forms of birth control, and to the concept of family planning.

it is becoming harder and harder to compromise with the logic of overpopulation harms the earth. this point of contention is making it difficult for the reproductive rights and environmental movements, however progressive they may individually be, to ally with each other. if you talk about actively promoting family planning and birth control as a means of population control [environmental movement – Malthus, Ehrlich], there is the danger of discriminating against the poor, and underprivileged – those without access. similarly, you cannot promote family planning and birth control as the ultimate liberator without considering who you are targeting.

i agree that the human-made global warming is having quite an effect on our planet, and adding more people at an exorbitant rate won’t help the matter, however we also need to be looking at the people living here now: how can we reduce consumption or our ‘carbon footprint’? i am nowhere near reconciling or coming to a conclusion to end this physical and sociological fight. i will say that touting abstinence as a form of birth control to help save the earth is logical, but not entirely reasonable. despite the overseeing and overarching umbrellas of religion or global warming, people will continue to have sex – we are too wrapped up in fufilling and enjoying our carnal desires, often so much so many of us probably don’t even know or realize or care that it’s Earth Day.


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