Peeps Show III


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Washington Post: Peeps Show III


peep dioramas – people are just so creative. the winner: Hopper inspired ‘NightPeeps’ is so good, especially when you hear the story about how it was created. some of my other favorites include ‘Mrs. Peepcock, In thepeep_081Conservatory, With the Revolver’, ‘R-E-S-PEEP-ECT’, ‘Purple Tunnel of Peeps’, ‘Peeptown Cupcake’, ‘Steve Jobs Presents IPeep Nano’, and ‘Sweet Revenge’. Finally, Peeps have more of a purpose than just to be stretched out and blown up in a microwave. those 3 dots on their face give them such a humanistic quality, i wish real humans came in purple, pink, yellow and blue – our art would (perhaps?) be more endearing and colorful.  in the pagan, consumerist American sense of the holiday word -> Happy Easter!


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