mariah carey ft. jay-z : heartbreaker


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Mariah Carey Ft. Jay-Z: Heartbreaker video


just rediscovered the videos from Mariah Carey’s Rainbow and Butterfly albums. this Heartbreaker video seems to be ahead of its time – so many elements are tricks they pull today and it still seems fun and innovative.  the animation in here is adorable, and i like that Carey incorporates a fun sense of humor into her videos – the ex-boyfriend being attacked by popcorn and unable to gain Bianca’s attention, and the movie theatre girls’ bathroom catfight are shot in a similar whimsical fashion to one of her more recent videos: Touch my Body. ah i love Mariah Carey, her stuff will always be good, i equate it to a michael jackson effect. put on thriller at any party and people love it. and genuinely so, not just for its possible kitsch or nostalgia factor but because it’s good.

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