Yes We Cran


Office Max/ 2480 Briarcliff Road, Suite #13/ Atlanta, GA 30329


‘Yes We Cran’

mixed by Marcus of the Hilton Garden Inn- Downtown Atlanta

– vodka

– cranberry juice

– splash of pineapple

add ice. suck the goodness down


tonight, at the opening reception for the annual meeting of the Abortion CareNetwork, Marcus (our bartender) put his own spin on the vodka cranberries so many of the women were ordering. it’s a simple spin -> splash of pineappleriga-0672juice/ but it got rave reviews for not being too tropically sweet, but tasty enough that you cannot taste the alcohol. people in this reception (many OB/GYNs, medical clinic staff) joked that because having cranberry juice is an additional health benefit, that’s an excuse to drink more. however, they did not have a name for this drink that was basically just vodka-cran+pineapple. what did they come up with? yes we Cran, because Obama’s slogan has been catching on, and ‘yes we can’ also works for the reproductive justice movement. either way, invented by a hotel bartender named marcus and second-wave feminists who run abortion clinics who aren’t entirely sure of all the facebook capabilities, but have have heard of twitter – here’s a drink that’s so girly delicious, you can’t taste the alcohol but it’s not over the top sweet, either.

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