tigercity @ DC9


The Chronicle of Philanthropy/PO Box 48/ Boulder, CO 80329-9954


DC9 business card, along with Daytrotter Tigercity: Damn Right There Are Claws – Dancing Claws article


i was bummed all week over a stupid boy, lack of money, and lack of job issues, but DDW had come into town, and when he suggested a tex-mex for dinner, i knew things would be good. we started off happy hour at Solly’s and then DC9 – a place i’ve taken a fierce liking to lately – dancetigercity parties, good bar food, chill lighting & decor, schlitz in a can, plus lots of open bars offering Sparks or redbull vodkas. while we were sitting drinking our Magic Hat #9s, Tigercity‘s van pulled up around 6 and they started unloading their equipment. whee! so excited, but of course i just played it cool drinking my beer and talking to the 2 guys at the bar who were going to the 9:30 club for jimmy eat world. J.E.W. makes me happily reminisce about jr high, but this night – these guys were paying much more money to go to the wrong place to see the wrong band.

poor but sexy started off the night, local DC band with a keyboard, synthesizer and adorable lead singer who robot dances across the stage. i was standing next to the stairs to the left of the stage, and tigercity had a booth right behind me, so everytime one of the band members needed to get back to their seat, they had to walk by me. i was definitely the short little asian girl standing in the way, but i was also the one who ‘accidentally’ got to bump into each of them. yes, tigercity makes me a little giddy groupie, are they that big of rockstars yet? they are in my heart.  you can probably tell that the rest of this show review isn’t going to turn critical, or disgruntled, the tigercity lovefest is going to continue.

unlike the ‘everyday high school band practicing in their basement’ noise often heard at live concerts, their sound was clear and beautiful. more men than women in the audience, so more head-bobbing than actual dancing. but DDW, MB, SL and i had a great time. With Tigercity’s current EP is called Pretend Not to Love, and lyrics of  “i’m leaving, tell me anything you want b/c i’m walking away”. ‘your heart is beating faster, this time we both know what we’re after, how long will this last?” , the obsessive concentration on love would seem to sting the newly heartbroken or down-on-love, but it had the opposite effect – somehow their quick beats and smooth falsetto were just perfect to assauge and relieve my own love stresses. i walked out of the concert elated. more pictures of the concert from brightest young things here.

One response to “tigercity @ DC9

  1. it was a great night!

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