freedom of choice = abortion donuts?


Radar Magazine/ Subscription Dept/ PO Box 21942/ Palm Coast, FL 32142-7557


Miami The New Times blog: Pro-Life Group up in Arms over Krispy Kreme abortion doughnuts


should have posted this awhile ago, sometime around inauguration day may be more fitting. but it’s still an interesting story now. working at the Abortion Care Network, and doing more research on the reproductive justice movement, it almost seems like it’s a divisive and moot battle. yeah, that’s a pessimistic2411398072_9d4ebfcab72viewpoint from one who’s fighting for reproductive rights -> many critics and pro-lifers are even incredulous of the concept. without both sides on the same page, and with the religious morality ties muddying up the discourse, i find it difficult to see where a consensus on the issue can be made. with that said, and knowing that i stand strongly on the progressive side, lately the pro-life side seems to be grasping at straws. freedom of choice = abortion donuts? The American Life League’s press release that choice is synonymous with abortion is a huge stretch. perhaps not the best choice of words, maybe Krispy Kreme could have said celebrating ‘democracy’ or ‘freedom’ or ‘america’. they gave out free donuts to those who wore “i voted” stickers on election day, so continuing the giveaway makes sense. i can’t find anything about the political leaning of the Krispy Kreme board or president, maybe it’s not that they’re so much pro-Obama, as just an American/pro-America company?  though i guess i couldn’t see doing any similar online promotion election or inauguration day. nonetheless, it’s always fascinating to me the ties between contemporary culture and social movement discourse.


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