DCist Exposed


Metropolitan Home/ PO Box 51890/ Boulder, CO 80323-1890


DCist Exposed postcard


tonight was the opening reception for DCist EXPOSED photography show. there was a constant line around the block outside of the Flashpoint gallery in Chinatown, and it was packed inside all night. 45 images were chosen from local photographers for their visions in showing a unique perspective of DC to fellow3176491145_bc4bc20919 DCers. there wasn’t much chance of taking your time to look at each shot, it was more look, read the title, tilt your head for a second and get pushed to the next photograph. DJ TEN was spinning, and they were giving out free redbull and glasses of wine, pretty sweet. except for the groups of people who decided to stand in a circle right in front of the photographs just to drink their wine and talk ‘art’. do that at a different art exhibition opening where it isn’t shoulder to shoulder packed with people and free. there were some striking shots, some ‘untitled’, and others of famous DC monuments and events but a more intense or focused spin on them. going to shows like this, and seeing familiar faces or names around has started to make me feel like a DC-er, more than i was ever a Northampton-er. it felt like a huge bonding experience b/w everyone in the gallery as to guessing where a shot was taken, or where we were when we heard about the fire in Mt. Pleasant. while i can’t speak from the perspective of a native, DCist Exposed was illuminatingly comforting in that it showed the city from the eyes of locals have found a beauty and a calm in not just the everyday life, but what makes this place great to the ‘not-tourists’ that actually live here. check out the rest of the winners here.

image of ‘mass baptism’ shot by andyharnik, who also had ‘kiss‘ in the show, too.

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