president repeals global gag rule


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White House Blog: “Statement released after the President rescinds “Mexico City Policy


the Mexico City Policy has been the political football that has dictated the direction of various presidential administrations in regard to international family planning127790795_341d1f022c1 and women’s health issues. it was one of the first things President Bush reinstated once in office, and it’s one of the first things President Obama has repealed. themain component of the policy was US funding for organizations that promote or provide abortions overseas.

Reinstating the Global Gag Rule was a prime example of Christian Right morality dictating much of US policy during the Bush administration – the thinking against the Mexico City Policy was that supporting family planning and abortions would mean women, young girls would be having sex all over the place. the ABC rule of abstinence, being faithful, and condoms sounds good in theory, but it’s completely unrealistic – people are going to have sex for the sake of having sex, not always for baby-making -> it’s human nature. and to take away access to family planning and birth control is more harmful to the poor than it is helpful.

repealing the Global Gag Rule was one of the first actions many in the reproductive justice/women’s health world hoped Obama would do. it’s great that in the press release, the President doesn’t just cancel the policy but talks about the need to end the politicization of abortion and its time to really support women in their choice to have or not have children safely. it’s also wonderful news that Obama has recommitted to funding the UN Population Fund again. 

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