beer to stock in the white house


National Review/ PO Box 667/ Mount Morris, IL 61054-7529


Draft Mag’s Out with the Buckler, in with the Brew: real beer returns to the White House by Will Coughlan 


Will Coughlan, co-host of Political Lunch, has written this great piece about the beer President Obama should stock in the White House. it’s hard to believe Bushobama_beer11 didn’t have anything ‘harder’ than non-alcoholic Buckler. i always imagined there were bottles of scotch in secret compartments all over the Oval Office (which apparently isn’t actually in the White House, it’s an addition attached to it). i don’t think Barack Obama did too well in a poll that asked whether you’d like to share a beer with him, but if there’s a good selection of IPAs and regional brews in the White House fridge, maybe his numbers will go up in 2012. woo for the Yuengling (Pottstown, PA) shoutout!


One response to “beer to stock in the white house

  1. knowing this i feel i can go public with my fantasy of he and i drinking too much beer and having to get some water.

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