a Census Taker’s encounter


U.S. Department of Education/ PO Box 530260/ Atlanta, GA 30353-0260


Saturday Night Live: Census Taker with Christopher Walken

Vodpod videos no longer available.


-> reason why becoming a Census taker is a last last resort for me. as much as i love ‘population’, the census bureau, and what counting all the numbers can mean for so many other parts of America: the economy, race, wedding trends, immigrant status, etc. after the summer of 07 experience, i can’t conceivably go back to door-knocking unless something or someone close to me was in immediate danger. i’d also like to stay in DC for a bit, though my travellust is getting so insatiable, i almost wouldn’t mind doing field work if that meant i got to go around america, meet people, take in all the americana tourist sites and culture (think: chicken-fried steak, and  grand ole opry). but living out of a suitcase and encountering the bad/frustrating of america would also get me down rather quickly, if i can develop/redevelop the chops to take the bad with the good and optimistically have the good outweigh the bad, maybe i will pack up my stuff and head out of DC onto the road. it’s a position my director at MPI highly recommended, if anything just for the potential good blog posts.


One response to “a Census Taker’s encounter

  1. that’s a great video! christopher walken’s hysterical!

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