romantic comedies – unrealistic??!?


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BBC article: Rom-Coms ‘spoil your love life’


how true, and as if we didn’t already know this. the ladies reading the small, thick paperbacks with a shirtless, and wind-blown hair Fabio might as well also be the ones who go home to 5 cats and knit afghans during their Oprah bookclub session. last night, i watched 30 Days Until I’m Famous b/c it’s on my Netflix instant play queue and i was in the mood for a cheesy, predictable romantic comedy.

i picked the right movie – it followed the cinderella story line, “My Fair Lady” makeover or pygmalion-adaptation, this time a hot-shot music producer picks up the messenger girl, has to turn her into a smoldering pop star who can also sing… in 30 days, or else he will lose his job. with30days-grd1 such a tight deadline, cole (who probably also has the cole haan shoes to match his slickness… hah) has maggie move into his place, so they can be around each other 24/7 and of course, fall in love. to a sane person unphased by romantic comedies, the movie would be painful to watch. scene after scene – pain, losing brain cells, wasting my time. there were definitely parts so cheesy and already-been-done that made me want to just stop and watch something else.

but i labored through b/c i was waiting for that moment, not the moments where the characters feel the pang of love for each other – but the physical moment where they act on their feelings, and the moment where even after realizing one has screwed over the other, they are willing to overlook that for the sake of romantic comedy, and do some cheesy gesture, or say some cheesy line to get the other one back (liberal arts/women’s college gripe: why is it the men always screwing over the women, and then the women just giving them a second chance no questions asked or conditions given…). those are the moments i live for, and yes, i do expect for my real life stories in love to happen that way, as well. i’ll admit it’s because i haven’t had too many of those experiences myself, so i am living vicariously through flat, one-dimensional movie characters whose lives are way more glamorous and romantic than mine. sigh. i guess i should go to the rescue shelter and start adopting cats now.

-> happy holidays, maybe you be filled with that warm fuzzy feeling of magic – however you need to get there, with family, with snow outside, or lots of spiced wine.

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  1. stay in and keep the door shut

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