a gay penguin family


The Wall Street Journal/ Attention: Manager of Subscriber Service/ PO Box 7023/ Chicopee, MA 01021-9902


Yahoo! Australia article: Gay penguins given own eggs to care for


humans aren’t the only ones who practice homosexuality. studies of the bonobo chimpanzees show they use a “make love, not war” philosophy and engage in all sorts of sexual activity when initially greeting each other or to solve conflicts – wet kissing, masturbation, oral sex, female/female and male/male couplings, group activities – behaviors that would turn our human world upside down if we decidedly took a similar approach to resolving our problems.

now here’s a story from China about 2 gay male penguins who were so desperate for a family of their own, and couldn’t apply at their local penguin baby adoption agency (ha!) that they decided to start stealing eggs from straight couples. the story of gay male penguins wanting to be father is apparently nothing new ->  Tango Makes Three, a children’s book about 2 male penguins who carry a rock back to their nest, and when that fails to penguins1hatch, they are given an egg by the zookeepers to care for, and roy, silo, and tango become an adored family at the central park zoo. that the China zoo is considering using artificial insemination to let the couple become biological parents soon, and Despite being gay, it is understood the three-year-old male birds are still driven by an urge to be fathers. interesting that the biological pull of these penguins to become fathers is understood and respected by the keepers who care for them.  i can already hear the arguments against  – they are animals who have no conception of sexuality, and parenthood. hell even as ‘enlightened human beings’, we barely have a conception of these identities we can all agree on. this is a sweet and hopeful story, perhaps we should be looking to the animals for answers to our own conflicts.


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