healthcare in the new administration


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WebMD article by Salynn Boyles – Obama Wins: What It Means for Health Care


obama’s healthcare plan was infinitely better than mccain’s. and now that he is president-elect, what are the specifics of how he’s going to alleviate the problem of having practically 25% of the US population uninsured. my coverage under my parents’ plan is about to run out, and looking at individual plans for $75-90/month,29_uninsured_lgl i think i’ll just have to forgo insurance for awhile -> don’t get hurt and hope for the best.

but like immigration, and education issues, healthcare looks like it’s going to be taking a backseat to the current economic crisis. while healthcare costs are more and more expensive, and it seems that we cannot afford to reform the system now, the editors @ The New Republic suggest otherwise – doing so would help the economy. it’s promising to hear experts say that out of all the obama healthcare initiatives, one that is the most feasible, and likely to happen soon is the expansion of SCHIP: healthcare for uninsured, low-income children. as much as universal health coverage makes some people shudder at the thought of “socialism”, the argument loses ground when it comes to children. why shouldn’t all of our children be covered? they have no control over their situations (though one man in NH says then they shouldn’t have been born) , they are not yet old enough to provide for themselves, like we give them “access” to schools, so should the same be for healthcare. like the prison system, immigration system, and education system, the healthcare system is broken, with the new administration, and tom daschle for secretary of HHS, hopefully we will see improvements very soon b/c we need help and practically anything is better than what it is now.


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  1. i hate that people don’t equate a strong society with a high quality of life. argh!

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