trickledown downsizing


Relevant Magazine/ PO Box 11687/ St. Paul, MN 55111-9913


New York Times article Trickledown Downsizing


i interned for Domestic Workers United during the summer of 06. it’s an organization that is completely grassroots, and really about giving domestic workers the agency to take on their battles for justice. along with jacob blumenfeld and company, DWU was a huge part of why the summer of 2006 was so inspiring, to see these immigrant women who came for a better life, but were stillnanny21caught in a disadvantaged position to speak up for themselves and each other that they are hard workers, what they do as nannies or housekeepers is actual work, and they deserve proper respect was incredible. 

i recently saw an editorial cartoon on slate that had a guy holding an umbrella that was failing to keep him dry from this huge rainy, stormy cloud titled “the economic crisis”. the word bubble said “finally, i am feeling the trickledown”. HOW TRUE. lately there’s been so much talk about how when business and capitalism was good, the rich didn’t want to spread the wealth around like socialism, but now that there is trouble, they are all asking for help and a bailout. and this whole situation has become something that’s really affected everyone, even the ones at the bottom or outside of the system.

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