my morning routine


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morning routines: The Quest for the Perfect Morning Routine, Drinking Coffee in the Shower, In Which We Pretend to be Morning People, and Daily Routines


alarm is set for 7AM, snooze for 30-45 minutes. roll out of bed (literally -> my air mattress is less than a foot off the floor), use bathroom to stick contacts into myfunny-pictures-yeah-mom-im-up-orange-cat-bed-sleeping1 eyes – unless housemate JE is using it, then i just stumble around the house half-blind. walk into kitchen to make breakfast. carry my oatmeal or cereal back up to my room, watch an episode of recess (10 minutes of saturday morning cartoons to fully wake up). go through my 3 suitcases of clothes and decide what to wear, and then put on the same stuff i always do. brush my teeth, pack up my lunch, head out and be either on time, or somewhat late to work via walking or bike.

your turn.


One response to “my morning routine

  1. i wake up some time between seven and eight, lounge around in bed, maybe get dressed for work. sometimes i work on music, sometimes i give the cat attention, sometimes i write letters and sometimes i internet. i sometimes go out for breakfast. occasionally i’ll make my breakfast or lunch, sometimes both! sometimes that’s the same thing. sometimes i’ll shower. this is rarely after breakfast.
    one of the bigger decisions i make: cowboy boots of pumas?

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