spinach & butternut squash lasagna


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Cooking Light‘s Spinach & Butternut Squash Lasagna taken from Our Kitchen Sink


whenever i get hungry and it’s not even close to a proper mealtime, i indulge in Tastespotting. it’s basically food porn to me. i like that it’s one of the more aesthetically pleasing blog aggregators, as food bloggers are known for taking pretty and professional-looking pictures of whatever they are making. as the heat in my apartment is still broken, and it’s been below 45 degrees this whole week, i saw this spinach & butternut squash lasagna recipe and forwarded it to my roommates as a possible weekend meal. we could buy spinach & a butternut squash from the farmer’s market sunday morning and fashion this lasagna that very night.


my friend, DDW, came over, and was instrumental in the butternut & spinach prep. JE made an amazing white beshamel sauce. MB helped with the noodles and creating the layers. while it was over a 2 hr undertaking, it made the whole apartment smell amazing and warmer. finally we sat down to eat around 8, and apart from the “OHMYGAWD, this is amazing”, the 4 of us chowed down in complete silence and inhaled the entire pan of lasagna in about 30 minutes. so yummy. definitely a recipe that will be made again. JE suggested it to his mother to make for thanksgiving.  even that seems like much too long of a time from now…. boo not having leftovers b/c i’d like another serving of this tonight.


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  2. i also agree with the love tag.

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