LV Child, Beejoir


RADAR Magazine/ Subscription Department/ PO Box 421942/ Palm Coast, FL 32143-7557


image of Beejoir’s LV Child, along with artist interview


i stole this from kanye’s blog, and click on it immediately because it was so different from everything else that he posts: models, new urban buildings, modernist design or inventive new artists. Beejoir – LV Child Sculpture: this little African child tagged with the louis vuitton logo all over like one of the famously expensive purses. the thing that struck me was how, even at the most basic analysis level, this piece is about mass beejoir_lv_child_1consumption in this global economy – Louis Vuitton = luxury, physically branded upon like an object, an emaciated African child in fetal position (though looking up… at what?). but not every reader saw it that way.

kanye’s love for LV is not a surprise. he’s a big fan of and worked with takashi murakami, and lyrics to Stronger include “Cause this is Louis Vuitton dime night, So we gon do everything that Kan like“. some of the comments to this post are surprising, if not a bit alarming: “These are dope!”, “MAN, YOU DON’T KNOW ART. THESE SHITS IS HOT, SON; & MAD EXPENSIVE! FUCK YOU MEAN?, or “they look like baby Obama’s”. -> OMG, really? they look like baby Obama’s?

but luckily there are just as many commenters who write: “I actually really hate these, it makes me kind of feel like they are slaves and they are just being look at as if they are property and not human…..seems kind of disrespectful to me.”, “If you stamped/or dressed all the hungry children with louie vuitton shit–would they be worth feeding then?..would that get your attention?”,  “If we have a fancy logo on us, is that enough for you to care about us?”.  they also come in gold. beejoir’s work definitely revolves around the new global, overindulgent consumerism. while the artist was successful in getting his message across, what does it mean when he’s also made 100 copies of the sculpture and selling them for $500 apiece?


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