remembering those forgotten


Glamour/ PO Box 37690/ Boone, IA 50037-2690


Foreign-Born Veterans of the US Armed Forces MPI FactSheet, coauthored by Iris Ho (!) and Aaron Terrazas


an often-forgotten holiday (veterans’ day), and perhaps an even more forgotten group (immigrant veterans), this factsheet demonstrates the veterans-daylong-standing history of immigrant involvement in the military (they are highly recruited, especially during wartime).  the emphasis here is on immigrant veterans, those who have served in the last major wars of the 20th century. the numbers are basic, of where they are from, what war they served in, and where they currently live. while we were unable to get more specific information – data about current income, occupation, citizenship status, etc. with this FactSheet published and out on the web, hopefully another organization will be able to build on it and draw conclusions about the immigrant veterans demographic. whether or not we support a war, it’s hard not to support the soldiers, especially those who aren’t natives of the country they are fighting for – that sort of loyalty, and willingness to (literally) die for – commands a certain level of admiration and respect.

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