a new second class citizen


US Weekly/ PO Box 8252/ Red Oak, IA 51591-3252


John Sherrfius editorial cartoon in Daily Camera, Boulder, Colorado



even with last tuesday’s victory, i guess it’d be just too good if we got it all: President Obama, and a No on Prop 8. outside of the group that believes homosexuality is wrong on a religious basis, most Americans are generally approving or accepting of gay people. perhaps only in a “whatever you do inside the confines of your home is your business…” because somehow when wanting the rights that everyone else as, as a citizen, as a human being, people get all up-in-arms about it, saying “no no no, the constitution says marriage is between a man and a woman”. many people don’t want to redefine ‘marriage’, but during the slave era, the marriage between a black man and a black woman wasn’t recognized, 50 years ago, some states wouldn’t allow a black man and a white woman to marry (ex: barack obama’s parents – and look where he is now….) the constitution isn’t the end all, be all since 1787, the concept of marriage has been redefined and broadened many times over. it needs to be again. The fight continues.


One response to “a new second class citizen

  1. that picture summarizes it so well.
    prop 8 is such bullshit.

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