field guide to the urban bicyclist


Health Research & Educational Trust/ 1 North Franklin/ Chicago, IL 60606


New York Times: Field Guide to the NYC Bicyclist and European Support for Bicycles Promotes Sharing of the Wheels


i bought a U-Lock and the check for my bike has just been cleared, so i can officially start riding around in the city. i envision myself to be the closest to the fixed-gear rider, with the one leg cuff pulled up, the messenger bag across the back, and plaid button-down.  but maybe not the fixed-gear part, i still can’t fixed-gear-rider1figure what gear my bike is in, and how to change that. i would love to be the vintage-bike fashion girl, but i’m not near cute enough for that. so i will opt for the opposite and be grungy & indie hardcore, instead. how classy does their noble rider look? those red pants, that jacket with the fabric pocket and those cairn terriers in the front. The Sartorialist would be gushing all over that man. the group that seems to be missing from the urban bicyclist field guide are those who bike more for the sake of biking, and not as much for fashion. they have the one leg rolled up, the standard bike helmet, and whatever work clothes for the day. their form follows function. the practicality of riding bikes in the city is starting to catch on, SmartBike DC just started but like the models in barcelona, and portland, it is already very popular. with bikes being the best urban accessory, i just hope there will be more creative bike racks, more bike lanes and more pedicabs… and maybe one day, more bikes than cars!

–> happy happy birthday to my mother today, who if knew that i was riding around the city, much less without a helmet on, would move me out of DC, herself, and back into the car-loving suburbs of Pennsylvania. love you! i’m being as safe as i can, i promise!


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