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Postcard for Tattooed Mom’s in Philadelphia


went up to Philadelphia this weekend for another Smithie-reunion. this was with a different group from my usual, but one of my favorites. i stayed with GS in her beautiful colonial house in the suburbs, just 202427302792_b8f31363573min. outside the city. her mother said i could stay with them, if i ever moved back into the city. i had a particularly difficult week in DC, and was so tempted to give up and move into their cozy home. as soon as the bus landed in philadelphia, it felt friendlier. i know that i can’t expect to have DC to be home right away, but i guess i was hoping for an easier transition into this new city, and new life. 

anyways, a rundown of the weekend with RB, GS, and AHH ” smithies-in-philly-style”:

  • Tattooed Mom’s – favorite new bar on south street. dum-dums on the table, solid drink specials, pierogies, and funly decorated. bartender was an ass, though. 
  • The Expressive Hand – paint your own pottery. i have an adorable hippo and a small transformer robot  being fired in the kiln as i write this. 
  • Shooting Range – yeah, we went from painting our own pottery to giggling while we attempt to shoot the male target in the balls. oh smith lesbians, how i love thee. never shot a gun before, definitely need more practice, but i think i like it….
  • Tamarind Thai Restaurant – vegetable green curry on rice, yum.
  • every sex shop on South Street: condom kingdom, the mood, erogenous zone. slutty halloween costumes everywhere. 
  • Woody’s – right across from my favorite martini bar, Bump. strong drinks, euro techno neon 80s videos everywhere, and men with 8-packs swinging from side to side in brightly colored spandex boyshorts. 

this was just what i needed to rejuvenate my spirit and make me trust in humanity again. seriously. while it is tempting to just pack up and move into philadelphia already, the city gave me a good enough break to give this city of DC an honest chance. i’m going to help paint a community mural, sign up for capoeira classes, and start riding a bike around. i’m going to learn to like this place! at least for the remainder of my lease. and then maybe move back to philadelphia.


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