the 9 types of heavy drinkers


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BBC ‘Drinkers fall into nine groups


it’s interesting to read a research study being directly applied into state policy. though i talk about drinking a lot, i’ve never drank enough to become drunk drunk, the interest in alcohol is because i want to be a bartender and mix. seriously! it’s a good thing i’m not a heavy drinker, and putting this in writing may be bad luck, but if i were to fall into any category, i think it’d be the re-bonding, and border dependent,maybe also the community and de-stresser… what most of the comments reiterate is that people can fit into many of the types in a drinking progression/binge or at different times. i find mrs. b of bedfordshire’s remarks interesting: “This type of stereotyping known as ‘behavioural segmentation’ is all the rage in government nowadays. They seem to have missed the ‘I drink because I enjoy wine and being a bit drunk is enjoyable’ segment – the starting point appears to be that all drinking is a problem. What a miserable, preachy, interfering bunch” i wonder what other examples of “behavioral segmentation” she is referring to -any ideas? also, know of anyone who falls into one of these 9 groups?


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  1. i LOVE that picture

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