tailor, new york city


Citibank/ PO Box 1899/ Hartford, CT 06144-1899


Tailor Business Card


i’ve been a huge sam mason fan ever since i discovered these Dinner with the Band podcasts, and was super excited when SL considered my suggestion of Tailor for dessert. check out the DWTB videos where sam creates tasty and interesting combination foods like miso butterscotch halibut, olive cobbler and avocado margaritas for indie musicians (matt and kim, tokyo police club, pela, el-p)  who then play in his brooklyn apt – it’s hipsters rocking their craft and making me wish i didn’t have an office job. everyone expected this place to be fancy schmancy and super tasty. it was fancy and tasty, but the menu threw a lot of people off – scallops with red papaya, maple-poached snails, bell pepper cake, and beet parfait.

to assuage the skepticism, i kept telling everyone that sam mason is a rockstar who used to be the pastry chef at WD-50 where wylie dufresne deconstructs food with science (molecular gastronomy) – coffee-flavored gnocchi, coconut milk in a gel, grapefruit molasses. dufresne been on top chef a couple of times and i saw this interview with him on epicurious, and while i can’t necessarily tell the difference or appreciate ‘fine cuisine’, WD is doing really cool stuff. pastry chef sam mason took rockstar mixologist eben freeman (also of WD-50 methodology) to open Tailor.

been reading up on the new restaurant for awhile, so when we cabbed it there and were kind of lost, i immediately recognized the entrance and excited pulled open the large wooden door. i was all flustered b/c i had to buy ‘proper’ clubbing shoes and was running around manhattan at 9PM looking for a store that was still open. and another reason we were in such a rush to make our 10PM reservation was if we didn’t show on time, they’d charge $25/head – so for our party that’d be $250 on my already-beyond-capable-spending-limit credit card. we all got there on time, and were made to wait downstairs at the bar for 45 minutes. i kept waiting for sam mason or eben freeman to walk by – of course it didn’t happen, but if it did, i’d be able to forgive everything that happened after. we ordered 4 desserts – manchego cheesecake on graham cracker ice cream, mango ravioli with cilantro and coconut, strawberries with celery ice cream, and chocolate with sesame ice cream & mole. i tried to order their solid cocktails – you get an 3 for $12: cuba libre, gin fizz and white russian. i knew getting that would have put everyone’s skepticism and gripes to rest when they saw how cool it was. unfortunately they ran out for the night. LAME. so i got a mate sour instead, it tasted of strong alcoholic tea. the liquor/bartending connoisseur in me thought it quite tasty. NS ordered a french toast drink, but when 20 minutes had passed and she was still alcohol-less, she told the waiter she didn’t want it anymore. of course that was when it showed up at our table. it was on the house b/c it took so long. and when VP ordered her drink and they had run out of what she had originally ordered, she got a different drink on the house. they ran out of solids, but my mate sour wasn’t on the house!!?!

oh well, considering we got 2 drinks on the house because of such slow service we didn’t make out too bad for what should have been the cost of the check. the desserts were interestingly tasty, so people left satiated but overall unimpressed. i was disappointed too, after all the hype and talk i gave Tailor, the bad service ruined what could have been an awesome culinary dining experience. the reviews on yelp are fairly decent, none of which decry ‘bad service’, so maybe ours was an exception.  once i get a paying job that allows me to ‘dine out’, i will give Tailor another chance b/c rewatching this video with matt and kim and wishing i could study the craft of molecular gastronomy -> sam mason and the mixology of creating alcoholic solids (that aren’t jello shots) still have my heart.

One response to “tailor, new york city

  1. I kept getting the abbreviations confused with other people i know with the same initials.
    so i was painting this image of you dining out with noah stevralia, vice president, saturday live, and western digital.
    anyway, it was worth the experience- now you can say you did it. i know for a fact that when you made the stuff from the episode, it was rockin.’ Sounds like it was an off night?

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