HPV vaccine required for new immigrants


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Dallas Morning News Human papillomavirus vaccine requirement for immigrants raises concerns


it’s now even more expensive to apply for american residency and citizenship. i’ve touched upon this in previous posts (like here) but the HPV vaccine is getting even more convoluted and controversial almost everyday. not only has it been reported that it’s one of the most painful shots one can get and some girls are even fainting from it, but its very campaign geared towards young women of a “sexually active” age brings into question race, gender class, abstinence-only sex education, and preventative medicine.

it’s amazing and almost astounding that we now have vaccines that can prevent cancer, its like the medicine of the future. this HPV vaccine needs to be made accessible, and its great health insurance companies are now covering the costs, but requiring it brings about a whole new level of control over girls and women’s bodies.  even though guys are just carriers, why aren’t they required to get vaccinated? and have we got into the habit of using pharmaceuticals to cure ailments that might have been caused b/c we’ve been taking other pharmaceuticals?  it’s definitely a stretch to say that HPV and cervical cancer are caused by drugs, but conspiracy theory time: what if the government’s new requirement of the HPV vaccine is because they are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies, and the vaccine itself has a fairly strong and positive message, which makes it easier to market? it’s more obvious to see why doctors are pushing this so hard, but the prospect of the government & the pharmaceutical industry in bed together is not an earth-shattering notion.  i definitely believe that gardasil is an amazing piece of medicine & scientific research, but who it’s made compulsory for – young girls many of whom cannot cannot afford it because they do not have health insurance, and now many of the young girls trying to immigrate into the country are being forced to pay even more and jump through additional hoops – is what worries me.


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