Crafty Bastards, Washington DC


National Geographic Society/ PO Box 64112/ Tampa, FL 33664-4112


brookadelphia business card


yesterday was CityPaper’s Crafty Bastards! Arts and Crafts Fair. i moved into my new place at noon, sort of unpacked, and cleaned. i got on a bus towards Adams Morgan and didn’t get lost (!).  while my transition into DC hasn’t been the easiest, but this was a good day, when urban life loved me back.  i won’t go into how much i want to be on my own and independent, but yet become frightened, squeamish or whiny at the prospect, as well.

the fair was teeming with baby clothes and obama memorabilia, but some of my favorite new designers (including the aforementioned brookadelphia): b-kao, imogene,barrysfarm, miss alison, maryink and sofia masri. i picked up a bunch more business cards from other vendors, i’m slowly combing through their websites, and may post about them later.


One response to “Crafty Bastards, Washington DC

  1. thanks for the kind words and welcome to the city!!

    there’s a lot to do in this area, you just have to search a little. let me know if i can be of any assistance!


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